Creating precious moments through white experiential events

Everwhite is an international brand of white events

We choose to be in white.

Because white is the color of purity, perfection and independence.
The color of connection and festivity.



We love to bring people together, shaping special experiences, getting inspired by the power of a moment.



Life equals celebration. Moments are always worth rejoicing with people that embrace the magic in its whitest version.



We dream to see people leaving aside everything that holds them back and living with no limits.

Everwhite Christmas at the Circus

Another experiential event by Everwhite. This time we meet you at the Circus!

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Everwhite Summer

Everwhite Summer

Experiential moments right next to the sea. We make your summer more spectacular than ever.

Everwhite Christmas

Everwhite brings the elegance and the magic of an all-white theme to your Christmas.

Everwhite Christmas

Are you interested in co-organizing the next Everwhite experience?

Send us your ideas at and let’s build together more breathtaking white moments